***Update 8/2018***  I haven't updated this site since 2008, but there has been a spike in activity based on email
that I have received recently so I am doing a quick update.  Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to keep up
with all of his criminal activity so here is a list of  the court
cases that I can find.  This is probably not a
complete list, but it should be enough for you to draw your own conclusions.  If he tells you. "all that stuff was in
the distant past", think again.

After being ripped off by Evans Weaver, I created a simple web site to tell my
story and to warn others.   I
researched Evans Weaver and was appalled to find that I was just one of many "victims".  Based on the
that I uncovered, I was shocked that not only was he was not in jail but was allowed to continue operating a
business in our community.

I soon moved on and forgot about the web site until I came across my login and password several years later.  I
logged in and found that my site had over 2000 hits, and I had over 20 e-mails from customers, contractors,
office workers,  and Fox News who was doing an investigation on him.  Since I missed the opportunity to be a
part of the Fox News investigation, I felt compelled to update the web site to protect others.

After all of these years, it appears that my site is having an affect on his business since he has resorted to

.  To be fair, I must say that he has offered to return my money if I take the site down, but I have declined
the offer.  Since he continues to rip off clients, not pay contractors, etc. I feel obligated to maintain this site as a
public service.

If you are considering doing business with  Weaver, be sure to review the
facts and threats to see who you are
dealing with.  If you choose to do business with him anyway, DO NOT give him any money until the job is
complete and don't work for him or provide him with materials unless he pays you in advance.  Even if he does
do the work, expect to pay someone else to fix it or complete it (
BBB Story).

If you have been cheated by him as a consumer, please file a complaint with the
Texas Attorney General.  If you
weren't paid as a contractor, you can file a lien against the property where you provided services.

Feel free to contact me at
Beware of Evans Weaver!!!
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Beware of:
Help put this man
out of business by
filing a complaint
with the
Attorney General