Weaver Facts
Fact: Refused to return our $2500 deposit from a fully refundable Contract. See "Our Story"

Fact: Fox News investigated him. See Video!

Fact: Does not pay contractors for work performed. See lawsuits in next item.  Stories to be added later.

41 Lawsuits (2004) filed against him in Travis County Small Claims Court and numerous suits filed in Travis
County District Court (amounts range from $5k+ to $600k+) by customers, contractors, Travis County, Bank, etc.
***Update***  131 Lawsuits (2018)

Fact: Filed bankruptcy (2004) so that he doesn't have to pay the 98
Creditors (individuals and businesses) that he
owes money.

Fact: Rating is unsatisfactory (2004) by the
Better Business Bureau

Fact: Steals from customers and contractors, but owns a property worth over a $1M!
***Update*** Property is now owned by a Property Tax Lender (2008)

Fact: Still operates his "bankrupt" business in our area (Austin, TX):
**Business and now home address**
   Weaver Creative        *** formerly Mediterrania Iron ***
   10324 Bee Caves Road
   Austin, TX 78733
See Brochure