Our Story
We purchased a pot rack from Mediterrania Iron and entered into a fully refundable contract for a custom
iron and glass door for which we paid a $2500 deposit.  Our door was supposed to be installed by
12/12/03.  Since we did not hear from him by 12/17/03, and the fact that the pot rack installation was less
than desirable (off center, painted wrong color, etc), we decided to cancel our fully refundable contract by
phone.  To make a long story short, Evans was rude with us, hung up on us,and refused to return our calls.  
We then mailed this formal request
Letter for our deposit.  Again, no response.  Our attorney tried to
contact him several times and received the same treatment so he sent an
Attorney's Letter.  No surprise
that we did not get a response this time either.  We then filed suit in small claims court and received
Response.  Prior to our court date, he filed bankruptcy so we don't expect to see any of our money

Hopefully, you haven't been conned by Evans Weaver in the past and won't be in the
future now that you know who you are dealing with.  However, if you have had a similar
experience with him, I am interested to hear your story so please email me at