Weaver's Threat
Dear Mr.  XYZ,
Notice and demand:

1.- Remove the Beware of Weaver website you have caused to be placed on the internet by 5:00 P.M. Monday   
September 24,2007 ,and

2.- Remove the You Tube site (on Evans Weaver) you have caused to be placed on the internet by the same day and

Your refusal to comply   with this notice and demand may be at your peril. The statements ,and information  about
me, and other restricted information that you have caused to be placed on the internet is false, reckless and
misleading. You have placed this on the internet to harm me and my business efforts and undertakings-Remove it!!

You will be held liable for damages resulting from these false and reckless statements.
Furthermore, the internet sites that are allowing you to sponsor such  hateful, false, reckless and misleading
statements may also be at risk---they will all be notified including Fox 7 News. Your e.mail to others to seek to harm
and damage me is actionable as well.

Time is of the essence in this matter and there will be no extensions.
Please also be advised that the offer to settle your dispute by cash refund is herewith withdrawn. I intend to donate
the $2,500.00 to a charity of my choice in a televised presentation- of the source and use of the funds.

These are very serious legal matters that need you immediate attention.

Evans Weaver
Weaver Companies
10324 Bee Caves Rd
Austin, Texas 78733
office: 512-327-9430
cell: 512-657-8342